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12 Feb 2010
Holiday Weekend Adventur

We have two "holidays" this long weekend: Valentine's Day on Sunday and then Presidents' Day - and no school - on Monday!Here is this weekend's fun, w

10 Feb 2010
Talking with 13-year-old

Write On! interviewed 13-year-old author, J.K. Hawkins, last June. Hawkins is the author of My Weird Family Series: My Vampire Cousin and My Weird Fa

5 Feb 2010
Super Bowl Sunday Advent

Whether you are a fan of the game or a fan of the commercials, there's something to writing about after the Super Bowl. Pick your favorite football mo

4 Feb 2010
Introducing … Purp

Writers Group Leader Debra Eckerling has created a program to help kids learn to love the written word. Develop:· Writing Skills · Creativity · Sel