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3 Sep 2011
Purple Pencil End-of-Sum

How was your summer? What was the best thing that happened? What was the most annoying? Write a story combining some of your summer experiences into

30 Jul 2011
Purple Pencil Reading Ad

It's summer, which means it's an excellent time to read a book ... or several books!What's your favorite book that you have read this summer? Why? Who

2 Jul 2011
Independence Day Adventu

This Monday is the 4th of July aka Independence Day!Speaking of independence ... Do you like going on adventures by yourself? If you had a whole day t

25 Jun 2011
Purple Pencil Create a H

Today is Take your Dog to Work Day. Pet Sitters International launched this holiday to promote the human-canine bond in 1999. Create a holiday! What

11 Jun 2011
Summer Adventure

School is out - or almost out - for the summer. How do you plan to spend your summer vacation? Are you going to camp? Working? Planning an adventure?

4 Jun 2011
Audiobook Adventure

June is Audiobook Awareness Month. So, make an audiobook!Just write a short story, practice reading it aloud, and record it. It'll be fun. Plus, you w

27 May 2011
Holiday Weekend Adventur

It’s a holiday weekend! How are you planning to spend your free time? Are you curling up with a good book? Or writing one?Spend some time this wee

21 May 2011
Bike Riding Adventure

May is National Bike Month. Are you a bicycle rider? How does riding your bike make you feel? Next time you take a ride, pay attention to all of your

7 May 2011
Comic Book Adventure

Saturday, May 7, is Free Comic Book Day! Every year, participating comic book shops give away comic books on the first Saturday in May. Ask your local

30 Apr 2011
Royal Wedding Adventure

Did you watch the Royal Wedding on television? What did you think? Imagine you attended the royal celebration.Post your Royal Wedding Adventure in the